Taking Care of Your Garments

garment care

  • Pockets, lapels and collars should be brushed frequently.
  • Only use light or no starch on your shirts.
  • Avoid dry-cleaning unless absolutely necessary. Fine wools absorb and release natural oils, so there is no need to wash them. Spot clean if needed by gently dabbing using cool water. Never rub a stain.
  • Do not wear your garments more than two days in a row. The fibers and the shape of the garment need a rest.
  • After wearing your jacket, always hang them on a substantial wishbone hanger that supports the shoulders. Wire hangers break down collars. And don’t forget to hang your pants.
  • If your garments needs pressing, have your personal clothier take care of it by a professional.
  • A garment requires a certain amount of space to breathe at all times. In the closet, leave a distance around the garment. Never leave them covered in plastic or vinyl.
  • Put your garments in breathable covers when putting away for the season. Include some form of insect protection such as cedar or lavender sachet.
  • Never store garments dirty. Look them over before storing them.
  • Enjoy your garments. They’re meant to be worn.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why buy custom made garments? Because if they fit better, you look better. Your selection is endless. The workmanship is of exceptional quality that exceeds what is available at ready made and will last longer, thus providing a better value.
  • How long does it take to make custom made garments? Depending upon the level of custom tailoring, it will take from 4 to 8 weeks.
  • How can a personal clothier help me? By helping you pick out the fabrics and styles that look best on you. Coordinating your wardrobe and closet from all aspects is a plus you can rely on.
  • Can a personal clothier coordinate my closet at my home? This is one of the benefits of your own personal clothier who can organize and coordinate existing and new garments to achieve your total wardrobing experience.
  • Can I have an extra pair of pants made with my suit? Absolutely. In fact, it is a great idea if your lifestyle puts extra wear on your pants.
  • What if I gain or lose weight? Our master tailors can work on your custom made garments to work with your change. Was Montopoli Custom Clothiers associated with Mazzei, Montopoli & Strahorn? Yes. Formally named for three bespoke tailor shops that owner Jeff Landis combined, it’s now shortened to Montopoli Custom Clothiers to reflect the direction of the company with the new Printer’s Row showroom.